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T H March has provided the content on this page. Insuring your jewellery can seem complicated. Safeguard has arranged for T H March to provide information to our customers about the methods of insuring your jewellery and their benefits. As the premier Broker to the Jewellery Trade and specialists in jewellery insurance, T H March offers unmatched expertise and service to its customers.

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Determining the value of a piece of jewellery for whatever reason, requires a good deal of skill and experience. We can arrange for a highly qualified expert to value your purchase who will give you an independent valuation.

The valuer does not buy or sell jewellery products and we charge a fixed price for each item valued. They have therefore no vested interest in the product, or its replacement value and promise you an unbiased opinion every time.

Expert valuers carefully examine all your jewellery, watches and silver. They will use their experience and the latest equipment to arrive at an informed opinion and provide you with a written valuation.

Digital photographs are taken and included in your valuation document with a full and accurate description. Any distinguishing features will also be noted.

You should always ensure that your jewellery is adequately insured. This is only possible if you have an up to date valuation for all major items you wish to cover.

Insurance claims involving items covered by a valuation are more straightforward and likely to result in a quicker and much more satisfactory outcome for you.